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The most compatible signs with Scorpio are generally considered to be Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. The least compatible signs with Scorpio are generally considered to be Leo and Aquarius. Comparing sun signs can give a good general idea of compatibility. However, this is just a quick and easy way to compare, and it's going to have lots.

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Scorpios love to talk about in-depth, intense topics, which may be a little heavy for a Libra. Scorpio may see Libra as too superficial, while Libra may see Scorpio as too intense. With huge.

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Scorpio- Libra Compatibility is governed by intelligence and awareness. They are people of very different characteristics, and their love life will depend mainly on the individuals' mental makeup and outlook. For, these can make or break the relationship. This mix of Scorpio-water and Libra-air could bring a refreshing shower or turn into a big.

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Overall, more honest signs like Aquarius and Leo match Libra much better than a Scorpio would. Libra compatibility with a Libra. A Libra-Libra romance is peaceful and in.

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The combination between the Libra woman and Scorpio man is better as a sexual relationship than it is for a long-term relationship or marriage. The Libra woman is a socialite. She can be flirty at times and this will set the Scorpio man off. He is very jealous and does not want his Libra woman to talk with other men.

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Libra Needs to Work on Confrontation; Scorpio Needs to Slow Down Libra needs to step up and talk and not just bury conflicts. I know of a Scorpio and Libra couple that didn’t talk out their.

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Being straight forward! The Libra speak frankly and honestly, which will also be the obstacle of sweet love. Actually, their lover is very good at being tolerant. But if it’s beyond their.

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Scorpio is a great match for Pisces, Capricorn, and Cancer. Unfortunately, Scorpio is less compatible with Libra, Sagittarius, and Gemini. Astrological factors are not the only factors to consider when evaluating Scorpio compatibility. The commitment and willingness of both partners play a significant role in whether a relationship is flourishing. Feb 6, 2017 - Libra and Scorpio both can live together in harmony as they both seek loyalty. They both are passionate about love. They both show enough respect to each other. They both will show excitement to know understand one another. See more ideas about scorpio compatibility, libra and scorpio compatibility, scorpio.

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Scorpio And Libra Love Compatibility – Positive. Scorpio and Libra in love bring to each other what the other is lacking; Scorpio lacks balance, and the scale-bearer desperately needs and.

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Scorpio and Libra Compatibility. Scorpio and Libra compatibility is intense in the beginning of the relationship, but it will quickly fizzle. ... Many times the Libra will have an affair because they can not take the intensity and possessiveness of the Libra. If Scorpio and Libra work on projects together outside of romance, they can make this.

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Your compatibility with a Scorpio can really depend. You might find sparks flying and perhaps a real connection on a mental/emotional/physical level, in addition to an interesting (or downright hectic) conflict between your dual Libra/Scorpio personality and a Full Scorpion personality, or the Part Scorpio-Full Scorpio parts of your personality.

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Scorpio takes romance extremely seriously and can lack objectivity. Pride can lead to an all-or-nothing approach, and if jilted or betrayed, Scorpio can become bitter and seek revenge.Venus in Scorpio has the ability to cut off a relationship abruptly, severing it forever, never looking back. The offending person is effectively dead. Love Compatibility Zodiac love compatibility is.

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When Libra and Scorpio work together, it can be a fulfilling and stimulating partnership both mentally and emotionally. Libra's balancing energy can counteract Scorpio's brooding disposition. If the pair can fuse Libra's exceptional interpersonal skills with Scorpio's determination and drive, they can reach amazing new heights together.

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People with their sun in Scorpio and moon in Libra have a personality which is a mix of water and air element. These signs are ruled by Mars and Venus, the god of war and the goddess of beauty and love. People with this influence have a mix of traits of both signs. These people are confident and self-aware, but they are also kind and thoughtful.

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They have a strong desire and a burning passion to succeed in life will put in all the hard work required to do so. There is instant attraction between the Cancer and the Scorpio and they tend to enjoy a harmonious and effortless relationship. Both of them are sensitive and matured and understand each other very well.

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Scorpio Moon Compatibility with Scorpio Moon. Scorpio Moon and Scorpio Moon magnifies all of their good traits, and all of their bad traits as well. If one gets suspicious of the other, it is twice as strong. They will be extremely intense, jealous and moody. This can be a lot of strain for a relationship to go through. Astrologically, Libra and Scorpio are known as the "relationship signs" because of their ability to couple. Scorpio wants a relationship and eventually marriage. Libra fantasizes about being swept up and away in an affair of hearts. The dating and mating of these two lovers will be powerful and sexual.

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Famous Libra-Scorpio Couples: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. This is a nice power couple where Libra can compensate for the sometimes otherwise raw intensity of the Scorpio. She is attracted to power or she wouldn't be with a Scorpio, but she can provide the niceties and social mannerisms that grease the skids on their trip to the top.

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Scorpio and Libra are opposing personalities and bring together diametrically opposite energies into any venture they work together in. Libra introduces a mix of creativity, logic, and.

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Answer (1 of 5): I’m a Scorpio, and I have liked a Libra male for almost two years now. He’s told me before that he likes me as well, but nothing has ever went anywhere. With my experience, I’d say that it could. Scorpio and Libra are both very passionate Signs, and.
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